As Salaamu alaikum
Welcome to homeschool moments. We are a Muslim homeschooling family in Cape Town, South Africa. Currently there are three lovely girls: Imaan aged 5, Zahra aged 3 and Sakeenah aged 10 months, masha Allah, tabaarak Allah.

About me… My name is Aneesa (Umm Imaan) and I am a Muslimah trying to please Allah alone…starting the journey of educating my daughters with the goal of Jannah in mind. We are striving to raise them upon Quran and Sunnah, from the understanding of the righteous predecessors, may Allah grant us success, Ameen.

Thus far its been a wonderful journey/juggling act 🙂 trying to balance home life, family life and school and with the help of Allah we will succeed.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. assalam anlaikum warahmatu allaha wa barak

    masha allah for a well made website.
    i would like to know: what made u decide to homeschool ur childre ?
    unlike France where i am from, muslim school are quite widespread here.

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