Math Curriculum decisions…

I have been researching, and researching but still can’t decide! Wish someone would just tell me “This is the best for your child and the others after her…” There are so many variable at play. It is so frustrating! Miquon maths, Math-u-see, Singapore maths, MEP, Horizon Maths, Saxon Math…HELP!

Everyone has to do what is suitable for their own child but how do you know this without trial and error? Is there anyone out there who has any input?

So, here is where I am…

I need:

  • Something that is accessible here in South Africa.
  • Something with a comprehensive teachers guide. I never loved maths it was OK but I would like my kids to have a different experience so I am willing to put in the extra time and effort to make sure my kids enjoy it.
  • Not too pricey LOL!
  • Manipulatives…I think that kids learn best if they are grounded in the concrete, they help a student visualize math concepts as they are being taught.

So there we are…

I will make istikhara insha Allah.


8 thoughts on “Math Curriculum decisions…

  1. Assalaamu Alaikum sis

    I understand your agony : ) since its not costly at all I would suggest do MEP and see how it goes. You are not loosing anything much on that as all stuff including lesson plans and all what you have asked are all free. So why not give it a try Insha Allaah! Maimoonah enjoys it so far! We are just finishing up reception year and hope to start Year 1 soon Insha Allaah! Other programs you have mentioned actually I have no idea. I just chose MEP for Maimoonah as I knew she was young and I could always change it if it did not agree! Hope this helps.

  2. Assalaamu alaikum sis, πŸ™‚ shukran for your input, I have just downloaded the MEP reception to look through I am busy with it right now. I have heard good things about it. Where did you hear about it.? Did someone recommend it to you?

  3. Alaikum salam sis. Yes many sisters at the Ihsan forum were recommending. So I had a look and started the reception year when Maimoonah was 2 years and 10 moths I think. Hope you would like it insha Allaah.

  4. I looked at it and see its very nice for younger children, I will use it for Zahra insha Allah (she is three) Imaan is doing addition and subtraction and I am looking for something which will help me convey different concepts like place value and counting higher than two digit numbers. We are busy solidifying the foundation with number bonds repetition and masha Allah she loves it.

    I have browsed around on IHSAN and it has not been updated since the last discussions have been held re: math curricula. I think I will post a question there too insha Allah.

    How far are you planning on going with MEP?

  5. Well am not sure sis, at the moment it seems ok for her. I am just trying to introduce the concepts of addition and I am getting a headache lol! I think she will catch up as time goes, I feel I am stressing myself. The thing is if I give her examples like 2 rabbits were playing 1 went away how many are remaining she will tell the answer but if I ask 2-1 or 2+1 then she cannot say the answer. So now I have given her beads and equations to count and get the answer. Lets see how it goes. maths is something am not competent enough I feel. So I get stressed : )

  6. She will get it soon enough insha Alllah, math manipulatives is the way to go it makes them comprehend the actual math before they need to look at it as equations on the page…when you have done enough word problems using real things just throw in “plus, minus and is equal” to a few times in the same context as you were using the “take away…”

    Math stresses me out more than any other subject πŸ™‚ at least we have our sisters to support us. Jazzakillahu khair πŸ™‚

  7. Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah,
    I totally understand your dilemA…i’ve personally deceded to use MEP as it’s free and it’s suposedly “enhanced maths” to what is currently taught in UK. I have found that it’s not very practicle but there are maths games every 5 or so lessons. But the concepts are soundly taught as there is alot of discussion for each topic introduced. later on though I think i will get Singapore maths as it suposed to be the best (?). I like the theory that it is based on…concreate, conceptual then abstract. I will inshAllah buy a years worth which isn’t very very expensive and you can get parent guide books as well. Saxon I’ve read is for those children who need more repitition to get a concept. It goes slower that Singapore.

  8. Wa alaikum salaam warahmatullahi wabarakatu sister thanks you so much for your input. I have looked at the MEP and it is great, I love that it is free too, but I wonder if it won’t work out pricey for me to print out everything? Printer ink is very expensive here in South Africa, so I wonder if it isn’t the same to just buy the books you know? If you factor in the labour/time? I am going to try it and see how it goes insha Allah.

    I have the Singapore maths 1A and 1B text books and work books but I wonder if I am missing something as I don’t see what everyone else does. Maybe because what I am looking for is different as I would like a teachers guide. I lack the confidence and feel I need as much help and support as I can get!

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