Literacy jewels

I have been wanting to share some of the literacy jewels I have found online!

OK! I sooo love the idea behind Read! Build! Write! I love how it encourages you to use all three mediums, I love how you print out the sheet and laminate it, or put it in page protector or you can even cover with contact paper for longevity…all appeals to me πŸ™‚

The frugal…tight budgeted…me πŸ™‚

I like to combine it with these home made magnetic letter tiles from Its sooo simple! She even provides the printable, it doesn’t get any simpler…..erm unless of course you just buy magnetic letter tiles…yes…but that would not be frugal! I had an idea to recycle an old scrabble set to make the magnetic letter tiles if you have one that is lying around.

So you would print out and laminate the page, vocabulary cards and the tiles and use it on a cookie sheet or something similar. Because it is magnetic the tiles won’t slide all over the place.

Laminating is a great idea if you have other kids you need to teach as well because lets face it, resources like printer ink and card stock are expensive and by just adding this extra step you can reuse the material again and again insha Allah.

I can get lost in some sites they are filled to the brim with wonderful resources!

Sparkle Box

Homeschool Creations **

1plus1plus1equals1 **

Mama Jen **

To name just a few!

(**Please note my disclaimer regarding this type of site.)

Spring has sprung here in the Cape

The flowers are blooming and the girls are sooo excited for summer to hit because that means strawberry picking, cherry picking, beach, picnics and generally being outside all day long πŸ™‚

Alhamdulllah we have a peach tree which we have been observing though Autumn, Winter and now Spring where they have been following the life cycle. the blooming phase was so beautiful and now we can see the tree bearing fruit.

The girls are manic tree climbers and love being outside πŸ™‚

See if you can spot the little monkey?

Alhamdulillah it is a real blessing to be able to enjoy safe, halaal, outdoor fun within our own space because as beautiful as Cape Town is… the fitan that comes with Summer is truly unbearable! We have to be so selective of where we take the girls so as to lessen the exposure to the nakedness! Yaa Allah protect us from the fitnah of summer, everywhere you turn u see ‘auwra!

We have a few select spots where we can take them where we know not many people go like the nature reserves where you have to pay entry fee and they limit the amount of people so you can enjoy the space without it getting overcrowded.

But then we need to be careful we don’t crowd the inhabitants! πŸ™‚

Kirstenbosch botanical gardens are also a favorite place for us to visit.

But I have yet to find a place where I can swim in the ocean!! Insha Allah one day πŸ™‚

Math Curriculum decisions…

I have been researching, and researching but still can’t decide! Wish someone would just tell me “This is the best for your child and the others after her…” There are so many variable at play. It is so frustrating! Miquon maths, Math-u-see, Singapore maths, MEP, Horizon Maths, Saxon Math…HELP!

Everyone has to do what is suitable for their own child but how do you know this without trial and error? Is there anyone out there who has any input?

So, here is where I am…

I need:

  • Something that is accessible here in South Africa.
  • Something with a comprehensive teachers guide. I never loved maths it was OK but I would like my kids to have a different experience so I am willing to put in the extra time and effort to make sure my kids enjoy it.
  • Not too pricey LOL!
  • Manipulatives…I think that kids learn best if they are grounded in the concrete, they help a student visualize math concepts as they are being taught.

So there we are…

I will make istikhara insha Allah.

Games work better

I have found that, in many cases, games work so much better as it keeps them entertained and they don’t mind repetition as much when there is the hope of winning the next round!

I have used this approach with both phonics and maths. Imaan really enjoys it. She kept wanting to play again and again without realising how much she was learning in the process.

We used domino’s to practice subtraction. She was using her fingers at first but I thought it better to use the counters as this was the first time we worked with subtraction.

You need at least two players, one player turns over a domino and subtracts the lower number from the higher number, then writes it down. So Imaan would flip over a domino, Say “two, take away one”, take out two counters and places them on the table, then take away one counter. The next player does the same. Whoever gets the lowest number after subtraction gets a tick next to their number. The one who gets the most ticks wins.

So after tallying all the ticks it turned out that Imaan won this round, we played more than four times,with Imaan getting lots and lots of subtraction practice πŸ™‚

I will post about the phonics games we played next insha Allah.

NOTE: We changed the game a bit ,Β  instead of just writing the number we write out the sum.

Also Imaan gets to choose what sheΒ  wants as counters, this time she chose the stones πŸ™‚

Bubble painting

We enjoyed making our Eid cards this year alhamdulillah. Mainly because I chose a medium that allowed me to give the girls the freedom to create as they wished and still have a pretty and sometimes even beautiful outcome.

We prepared the bubble paint mixture using:

1 tbsp junior acrylic paint

1 tbsp dish washing liquid

1 cup water

We had the three primary colours: red, blue and yellow and we also had some white so we mixed a few different colours from those. We had some really soft pastels which I think looked very pretty.

I am very pleased with our recycled containers:) we have been saving our milk bottles, washing them and cutting them in half. I have used them for many different storage purposes. Remember the shape of your bubble print will depend on the shape of the container.

So they blew bubbles and placed the card onto the bubbles.

My camera is not so great so it couldn’t capture the prettiness πŸ™‚

The girls got impatient and eventually started spooning dollops of bubbles on the card.

After they dried I ironed them into card shapes which they decorated.

Imaan wrote an Eid greeting on the inside.

They definitely enjoyed this craft and I would happily do it again insha Allah.

Getting back to normal?

Assalaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi waBarakaatu

I hope and pray everyone is finding it easy getting back into gear insha Allah.

I took a longer blogging break than I anticipated as just before Eid my father’s sister got very sick. My aunt and my paternal grandmother lived with us in the house and I grew up with her being right there. She had always suffered from mental illness but this time her hospitalization was due to a brain hemorrhage and stroke. It was very hard on my 84 year old grandmother who looked after her her whole life. She died in hospital early Tuesday morning and her Janaaza was Wednesday. We are all satisfied with Allah’s decree and we ask that Allah grant her Jannah.

It was narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: β€œTo Allaah belongs that which He has taken and that which He gives, and with Him everything has an appointed end, so be patient and seek reward.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, al-Janaa’iz, 1204)Β 

It became a priority for me to learn about Ghuzl and Janaaza. Its not something that I spent much time on but subhanAllah there is much to learn.

Alhamdulillah in all states.

So here we are on the other side of Ramadaan, Eid and the janaaza trying to get the momentum going.

We did some fun things to ease them into it which I would like to share. I will try to get back into posting insha Allah.