Ramadaan is flying by too fast!

Assalaamu alaikum

I am so sad, this beautiful month is just going by too fast and I feel like I am loosing it by the minute. May Allah help us to reap the most out of this blessed time.

I had planned on posting updates of what I am doing with the girls and sharing our Ramadaan experiences in this space but time is just too short.

I am so much busier than I anticipated as my Grandmother is ill (may Allah restore her to good health) so my Mother went to Port Elizabeth to look after her and I have had to cook iftaars at my mom’s house. Alhamdulillah its a chance to earn more rewards in this blessed month 🙂

Sooo, my blogging has had to take a backseat Allahu a’lam. I will have to just do a recap at a later time insha Allah.  I think I am still too new to blogging to balance the needs of my family and my blog LOL! So yes, priorities!

May Allah fill our time with baraka!



Monday Moments…

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

Ramadaan Mubarak to all my sisters!

All praise is due to Allah swt who has granted us another Ramadan!

May we make the most of this great month by gaining its virtues and Allahs forgiveness! I pray that we come closer to Allahs Pleasure and further away from His Anger!

Alhamdulillah what a wonderful fasting day we all had masha Allah, teaching Imaan and Zahra, sharing our beautiful Deen with them had me to the brink of tears the whole day when I saw how responsive they are and how willing they are to please Allah (SWT). We are truly so blessed to be able to teach our children and share these moments with them.

Here are a few snippets of what we have done today.

We added some beautiful things to our Ramadaan Bulletin Board, Masha Allah Imaan and Zahra were so excited to do their good deeds and while they enjoyed sticking stickers they also reaped the benefit of a day with very little bickering… so they could see the actual benefits of sharing and being kind to each other.

The highlight was adding the apples to the fasting tree even though she only fasted half the day I gave her a whole apple because of the effort she put in, Zahra got a half apple for fasting the morning, LOL!

They loved all the activities that we did masha Allah 🙂

These are all pics that she took 🙂

Oh yes, I got these cute letters from this site.