Lapbook prep is hard work!

What a lot of cutting!

I realised on my second lapbooking attempt I have to have everything cut and already prepared to go into the lapbook. The girls would get distracted or Zahra would expect to get involved in the cutting! At their age getting involved in the actual creation of flaps is not essential. Imaan loves prettying it up and choosing where to place it and stick it which I realised is enough.

So here I am with a pain in my neck from sitting hunched (yes, I have very bad posture!) cutting pages and pages of Ramadaan prep-work (no, I don’t have a paper trimmer yet!). I never imagined there would be so much stuff LOL! It will be worth it on the day of each lesson insha Allah when I dont have to be running around making sure everything is in place.

Lapbooks are still new to me so there’s much I need to learn insha Allah, gosh homeschooling is new to me and there’s so much for me to learn but no matter if you are having a good day or a bad day… its the knowledge that the ultimate reward is with Allah (SWT) that gives you the drive to keep learning, overcoming obstacles and reaching those goals, insha Allah. It really does fill you with so much peace when you do things which will benifit you in dunya and aakhira (insha Allah).



2 thoughts on “Lapbook prep is hard work!

  1. Wa alaikum Salaam
    So far we are enjoying them alhamdulillah but it is much more work for me than other activities. Although, I must stay, at the end of it they are so pleased with it and enjoy going back to it and showing it off to any who would look at it. Which is the point I guess 🙂 I think once they are older we will shift to using unit studies insha Allah.

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