Teaching Imaan: Literacy

Its been sooo easy teaching Imaan, masha Allah, she was being homeschooled before I even knew there was such a thing! My mother read to her constantly when she was young and being the “Precious First Born” had every question answered in detail 🙂 She had (and still has) an insatiable curiosity and I used to find myself having to run to Google to check my answers to her questions!

Once we committed to being a homeschooling family I focused mainly on providing a Montessori inspired environment, using the Sandpaper letters to teach her letter recognition and letter formation (an introduction to writing).The Sandpaper letters are hard board with the letters cut out of sandpaper, there are many tutorials of how to make them yourselves and if you would like to buy it I found a local supplier who is by far the cheapest. The cost is not so bad if you factor in the durability of the item, it’s going to be handled often and perhaps even get used with later siblings insha Allah…or if not there’s always Gumtree 🙂

Using the sandpaper letters is recommended as it involves more of the child’s senses, especially the sense of touch. When using the sandpaper letters the child’s brain is getting tactile and kinesthetic memories to help remember the letter/number, as well as the visual memories.

Other things we did to encourage letter recognition was playing “I spy”. This game followed us everywhere! Waiting in the car…while in the bath…EVERYWHERE! It’s amazing how it encouraged them to notice things and notice the letters 🙂 What I did with my younger daughter (when she just wasn’t getting it) is place three items on the mat, then we named them (for example, fork, pencil, spoon). Then I would play “I spy” with those three things and increase the number of objects according to her ability, now she can play along with us.

Doing arts and crafts to reinforce letter recognition is also great with my girls anything including craft paint or glitter glue is a winner!

Currently  I am doing letter recognition with Zahra and I am word building with Imaan.

Next post insha Allah, I will highlight what resources we use to do word building.

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