Ramadaan preparations

Assalaamu alaikum

Have you started preparing your activities, lessons and craft for Ramadaan? I have and Masha Allah there is so much out there thanks to the generous, dedicated and hard-working homeschooling Muslimaat out there! May Allah reward them abundantly.  I am sooo excited 🙂 While preparing our “schedule” for Ramadaan I decided to collect all the links of the sisters who have so kindly posted all their resources to their Ramadaan lapbooks, lessons, crafts and activities. I have a category on the right hand side of my homepage called:

Links to Ramadaan Resources, Crafts and Activities

There you will find links to blogs belonging to some of the best homeschool blogs available or rather that I have managed to find 🙂

I thought it would be a good idea for us to start ahead of Ramadaan (to get it all done!!) Insha Allah.

So I’ve got to get back to work preparing!

P.S I found the pretty banner containing the dua at Easel and Ink.

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