Butterfly lapbook

We have been busy learning about the beautiful butterfly 🙂

The girls loved this, its our second attempt at a lapbook and I really feel this is the way forward for us…lapbooks that is. The way it works is you find the content for what ever you would like the kids to learn be it an animal or a concept or a book. You scour the web or create your own little printables. Homeschool share has a huge array of lapbooks to choose from and if you have something that is not on their list then they have templates and resources to use to create one with your own topic and information. Then you prepare a few lessons for the duration of the week and at the end of it you assemble all your work into a folder. You can always add to it at a later stage. My girls love revisiting theirs to look at all they have accomplished.

Before we started we watched a life cycle of the butterfly clip (there are quite a few to be found online). We discussed the different stages and the concept of metamorphosis. We always  come back to how Allah is Al Khaliq (our first lapbook was on one of the Names of Allah )

Most of the printouts I got from Homeschool share , I got the life cycle booklet and other things from Enchanted Learning

I cannot find where I got this grid from 😦 Imaan was so surprised when she finished colouring  that there was an image of a butterfly.

There are soo many things to do with kids be it art n craft or pollination the list is endless, I think our butterfly lapbook is going to turn into a butterfly file 🙂

Here are a few things I found, some we did and some I would still like to do.

Cute Butterfly Unit

Butterfly life cycle nomenclature cards

Butterfly colouring in

Complete Unit of activities I used this as a guide and did most of the activities.

Insha Allah you will find benefit in this 🙂

2 thoughts on “Butterfly lapbook

  1. I have to be the first to comment on my wife’s first blog, LOL.

    So glad you finally took this step, May Allah reward you for your time and patience.
    We all know what the reward is for raising young Muslimah’s. May Allah grant us that and more.

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